A guide to Cyber Security in our day and age.

Internet Security, much like our home security, Is one of the most important things one can do in times like these.


With the COVID-19 outbreak raging through the planet, Lock-down has been put in affect in various parts of the world and has been hard on everyone.

People are known for making jokes and have said it is almost like the infamous game Plague.inc available on IOS, Android and PC platforms.

Hackers are a nuisance now more than ever, Facebook Phishing, Account hacking, the Infamous "Click this link to claim your prize!", With tons of people staying at home, your online security is now more at risk then ever.


We have compiled a plethora of ways to make your online presence as safe as possible:

  1. Use a Password manager like Keepass or Lastpass so you don't forget them
  2. Do not use the same password more than once!!!!
  3. Generate passwords using PasswordGenerator and use 16 characters as a default. It ensures the best security, Most programs like keepass and Lastpass has a built in generator for your key.
  4. Don't click on any Suspicious links, even if it seems to be sent by a close friend/family member. Their account might be compromised.
  5. If making payments to anyone via EFT, Call them before hand and verify the banking details. Emails can be Hijacked at anytime and you might be talking to the hacker!!!
  6. Download a Internet Security Anti-Virus like Kaspersky or my favorite Bitdefender to check links or give you a preemptive warning system if a site you are trying to access might be compromised or suspicious containing malware or Phishing of some sort.
  7. Use 2 step Autentication like or Google Authenticate*or Authy on your phone for any and all apps/websites/services that support it. It will drastically stop a hacker in his tracks.
  8. Do not share your account with anyone, They might disclose it with a data leak accidentally if they are compromised.

*Google Authenticate is currently only available on IOS and Android.

 Here is a video on 2 step Authentication by Authy


Another Method we use is to check if our email accounts have experienced Data leaks / Breaches and if our accounts are in danger is by going to the site Have I been Pwned

They use your email address and search for any possible data breaches that might have occured with accounts or services linked to your email that you entered.

No need to worry, They won't send you spam emails, They are trustworthy and We here at Home PC recommend them!

Stay safe and we'll see you soon!!




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