Corsair HS50 Stereo Headset Review

Our Verdict

Need a Good headset but don't want to break the bank for pricey perks and  RGB? Then the Corsair HS50 might be a good choice.

Positives:  Negatives:
Strong Stereo Sound and Splendid build quality Lacks Surround Sound
Comfortable for hours of gaming and sturdy Detachable Mic could be lost easily
Excellent price to performance ratio


When it comes to audio and gaming hardware, you usually get what you pay for - and when you're not paying much, you should not expect much in return, this is relatively true for a Gaming headset, But the HS50 made by Corsair happily tramples that stereotype with a surprisingly solid offering 

 It's a straightforward stereo headset, which means it doesn't support Surround sound unfortunately, but nonetheless offers superb sound quality made to jump in your seat when listening to your thumping tunes on Spotify or trying to hear where those pesky Enemy soldiers are in Battlefield, complimenting the sound, is a Unidirectional noise-cancelling microphone that you can use to Coordinate strikes with your clan on StarCraft II or Raids on World of Warcraft with fellow clan members.

It is kind of obvious that this headset won't be able to compete with much higher-end headset options like the Corsair VOID PRO  or a  Plantronics RIG 800HD Wireless Gaming Headset. But one thing we can assure is that it is truly appealing that you can get a gaming headset of this quality and performance for less and it is pretty Fantastic 


To the eye the Corsair HS50 does not look like a budget headset, nor does it feel like one to the touch. This headset has enormous leather pads that should easily fit around your entire ear, and they are very comfortable too, The Faux leather used to encase the memory Foam cups transitions back to normal when removed and can gently squish against your head without too much pressure. We reviewed the standard Black Edition but it is also available with Green color accents and Blue color accents. The HS50 also keeps its inputs on that cup: it has a small volume dial, along with a handy on-off toggle button for muting the microphone. There's no raise-to-mute option like on Astro's A10, but the button works just as well. Better yet, you can fully remove the microphone – also on the left cup – which makes the HS50 all the more ideal as an on-the-go headset. Just keep tabs on the mic: it's small and thin, and could be easily misplaced.


The Cool thing about the HS50 is that the sound quality, is just as surprisingly excellent for a basic stereo headset than anticipated, Corsair opted for 50mm drivers on this headset.

I play FPS games for most of my gaming time and this headset did not disappoint a tad. Whilst playing some Apex Legends , I could hear the crisp sounds of where a enemy was located due to the clear sound of them running on the various terrain in-game and could easily also hear my teammates in Discord without drowning out the game sound.

Hopping over to some CS:GO, the Shots of my AK-47 raining down on an enemy and the Head-shot sound effect vividly playing in my ears, also hearing the running of enemies giving me their position and allowing me to set a preemptive ambush slowing them down to their goal.  

Likewise, the HS50 can adeptly handle music, movies, and other media, whether you're streaming media on your console or computer or using the headset with your smartphone. Corsair's budget-priced headset doesn't have the frills of pricier headsets, such as 7.1 surround sound, but it still impresses at this price range.

The bendy, detachable microphone is very compact, but size doesn’t affect its great recording quality. Teammates heard me loud and clear when playing online, and local recordings were super crisp. Corsair says it's Discord-certified to work perfectly with the popular gaming chat service, and based on my testing, it ought to work well no matter how you choose to talk to buds.

The Final Stand....

There are obviously better gaming headsets on the market than the Corsair HS50. No doubt about it! But you'd be hard-pressed to find a more impressive budget gaming headset than this one!

It rises to any modern sound requirement and it flaunts victory in every category, and due to its dazzling look, it comes off as a pricey device! 

If you're willing to spend more on a headset, then you'll find plenty of perks, including Bluetooth wireless support, dazzling designs and surround sound capabilities – and those may be worth spending for. But if you don't want to splurge on a headset and just need something that's capable, versatile, and seemingly built to last, then the Corsair HS50 absolutely lives up to the task and Dominates the Price range absolutely! 

Definitely a Yay from our side  

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