Intel's 10th-gen processors haven't been announced, but they are for sale.

And doing well if we might add: up to 15-20% improved performance than their 9th-gen predecessors.

Intel just sent out a huge wave of engineering sample processors, a lot of which are available to purchase on a Chinese Online sale site called "Taobao", owned by Alibaba. If they actually get delivered, you are getting some SERIOUS hardware, these 10th generation Intel CPU's are said to beat their Predecessors (9th Gen intel) by a huge 20% margin.

Intel's 10th Generation CPU's haven't been announced yet, but Late december of 2019, Informatica Cero recieved slides detailing the entire 10th gen Line up, including all of their information confirming almost all of the online sightings!

The Mothership of the 10th gen line up will be their Decacore i9-10900K, with a Reported* 5.1 Ghz single core boost and a mere 5.3 Ghz single-core velocity boost.

Boasting a core count of 10 with a 1:2 ratio with threads (10c/20t) it's base Ghz is rated at 3.7 Ghz with all boost going up to 5.1 Ghz and a Hungry TDP of 125W!

However, this i9 offers a 16% boost in firestrike scores towards the older 9900K,In Timespy we saw an increase of almost 20%. Both K and Non-K version have been seen on the Marketplace Taobao with Photographs!

I would guess that intel is getting ready to release, Which brings excitement to the CPU arena! Seeing that AMD also has a 4th Generation Ryzen Release hiding up their sleeve, yet Intel have spent 5 years sucking performance out of a architecture for since 2015 from their 6th gen 6700K Quad core with a 91W TDP at the time, to their 9th gen 9900K that was marketed with a 95W TDP (But in reality it used about 150W!!)

If the 10th generation CPU's take after their Predecessors be ready to fork out big bucks to help the CPU stay at its peak performance, Motherboard and cooler wise, although these new CPU's might have some sort of compromise! 

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