Keeping your Setup clean 101

Welcome to Setup Cleaning Guide 101

Have you ever cracked open someone’s PC only to be horrified at the amount of dust and debris that’s taken up residence inside? It’s not a pretty sight. Worse yet, dust buildup can hamper performance. In extreme cases, those dust bunnies that sneak into a PC can even damage a system’s hardware.

A few small particles won't hurt, but left unattended will cause all your nice and Toasty components to Gunk up and restrict their precious airflow and make them Thermal throttle!

We here at HomePC like to say, the best Defense is a better offense, things like scheduled cleans, Dust filters and even Compressed can of Air can go a loonngg way. We tend to discourage smokers to smoke or vape near the precious Puter because the smoke makes a yuckie type of dirt inside the PC Chassis and even sometimes a bit sticky.

Pet Owner should atleast clean it once a week or two weeks due to Hair buildup if the pets are house pets.

Most Modern Chassis ship with implemented magnetic dust filters like the NZXT S340 or the Be Quiet! DARK BASE PRO 900. If your case doesn’t have fan filters, or doesn’t have enough of them, add them yourself. You can Buy them seperately or make them! Old Pantyhose work the absolute best , just stretch,fit,cut and apply.

Do remember to clean them though, as these will hinder airflow to your entire PC when they get too dirty. You should also try and keep your computer elevated as debris and dust can get worse caused by Foot Traffic down under.

But don't worry every cleaning session shouldn't be a chore, a few blasts from a compressed can 'o' air or a Compressor should do the trick, but it should be done outdoors to prevent the dust from building up in your house and just re entering your PC.


For Cloth and or Soft mousepads , all you need is a sink or bathtub, cold water and preferably washing powder.

Soak the mousepad, Rub washing powder all over the mousepad and then rub it in thoroughly and evenly, rinse it off whilst rolling it up to prevent any soap leftovers and please do not try this on a RGB mousemat, I would not Suggest it!

Leave it in a nice sunny spot and let dry.

For Hard mousepads ,just grab a sponge and water and wipe that sucker down.


This will sound a bit wrong and your Significant other might hate you, but hear me out, Make up remover Wipes, It removes dead skin and gunk like there is no tomorrow, dust even more so, and it leaves a nice clean smell.

Sure a Can of air will get rid of dust and skin, but what if you have spilled some Monster or Rockstar over your precious Keyboard and it got gooey?

Remove the keycaps and wipe that beauty down! clean everywhere and anywhere.


Now for the Aiming stick, AKA our Gaming Mice, simple straight forward just use a cloth to wipe that sucker down and just care the sensor to prevent damage to the internals if you use a damp cloth. if it got sticky, use a Make up remover wipe when you use it for the Keyboard, 2 birds 1 stone.


Our precious Viewing modules that allow us to see and defeat opponents in our games also needs some love and care from the dust and cough particles that reach it when you winning those Chicken Dinners.

A non-grease based cleaner (like a window cleaner) Windolene etc. works like a charm just be sure to wipe any left over residue up and clean the back as well with a dry cloth for Dust bunnies.



Those pesky Cables being an eye sore? Tangled all over the place?

Buy some Cable trunking and drill it underneath your desk, or on the wall. maybe even buy some Binder clips from an office surplus store and but cables through them for binding! Homemade solutions are key to personalization on your Setup.


Keep away from eating and drinking near your setup! Spilled fluid has taken many a PC's life and also Cheese Curls have also taken many a clean keyboard and non greasy mouse's cleanliness!!!





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