Gaming headsets are made by a number of companies these days with RGB in millions of colors, required USB ports, and desk-controlled settings.

Where are all of the high quality, audio jack plug-in, non-powered headsets? Well, MSI must have heard the calling of the people. They have the Immerse GH60 Gaming Headset that only requires audio jacks to use their non-RGB headset to receive high-quality sound. They also have a RGB version available, named the GH70. 

MSI’s Thoughts on the Immerse GH60 Headset 

MSI Immerse series Gaming headsets are designed to deliver the most immersive experience for gamers. Hear your opponents before you see them thanks to crystal clear positional audio or simply close your eyes and let your favorite music give you chills as you hear it in more detail than ever before. 

Our thoughts on the Immerse GH60 Headset

From Increasingly comfort Headphone cups and the interchangeable red and black cuffs to the non-click Adjustable headband so make sure it sits snug and flush each time you wear it. Above the padded band is a stainless steel frame. It looks good and a bit industrial. The Achilles’ Heel of the GH60 is that anything that taps this frame rings out directly into the earcups. A couple of well-placed dampeners would have gone a long way toward solving this problem but none were included in the unit that we recieved.



After a week of normal use, the only other problem that we experienced was that our other headsets that did not sport Hi-Res audio were Inadequate to our Inner Audiophile needs.

Without Hi-Res audio from other headsets we couldn't hear the dings on Tanks in Battlefield 5 nor certain area sounds in Survival games, But with the GH60 it was crystal clear and very crisp.

Hi-Res audio is becoming the new key feature in gaming headsets. We noticed that with the Arctis Pro series from SteelSeries. As one of the key players in the PC accessorizing world, it’s not surprising to see MSI take up the challenge and deliver a Hi-Res headset of their own. As a trend, this is a very good thing and we can only hope it continues, The MSI Immerse GH70 also sports the same 50mm Neodymium (Hi-Res Certified) drivers.

The RGB Variant has USB-Powered RGB lighting on the headcuffs and are changeable via software, This is one of the best headsets we've come across in a long while.





The Immerse GH60’s swivel ear cups design makes it easy to store or carry around as it takes less space. A premium carrying pouch is included for additional comfort when taking the headset with you
The carrying mag makes it great for LANs as well as general transportation between locations as well as improve durability.

Our Pro's and Con's on the GH60


  • Lightweight, good for long gaming sessions
  • Hi Res makes a clear difference in audio clarity
  • Lows aren’t overwhelming
  • Includes replacement earpads and carrying case


  • Too much lightweight plastic
  • Headband transfers too much noise


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