Why is my fibre internet still slow?

Excited about your 200mbs fibre line but something is blocking it to go faster than 90mbps?

Many of our customers came to us in frustration battled with the issue of getting their fibre line installed and paying for a 200Mbps line. Cables are installed through their roof and connected to all their internet devices, getting bumped by other how much quality time they will be spending in front of their games and Netflix but only to realize their internet is slow when everyone is online. But the maximum speed test shows 99Mbps.
 Previously the average Jo only had an ADSL or Wireless Broadband 10Mpbs line, and they were happy with that. Some went to 4G/LTE and got about 40Mbps. When they moved over to Fibre or 5G, they kept their old router and configured them into their network to use as a range extenders or even as their main router. What many do not know is the old router has only 10/100Mbps network ports. It means even though your line speed is 200Mbps, the router itself can only handle 100Mbps on the network port.
 You might think, "but the device says 300Mbps". This indication about the 300Mbps it showing the maximum speed the WiFi network can handle. If you have another wireless device that can handle the IEEE 802.11n standard speed, then the router is able to communicate at 300Mbps to your device. But most laptops and phones only work with  IEEE 802.11g/a standards which will give you 54Mbps communication speed. And if your Ethernet port on your router handles only 100Mpbs then that's the internet speed of your internal network.
 What to do? Buy a stronger router. Make sure the Ethernet ports can handle 1Gbps. When your main router is sorted with fast ports, then your WiFi will broadcast the speed of the internet on those ports. 200Mbps over your 1Gbps port will give you 200Mbps on your WiFi. But remember, now you need to make sure the WiFi adapter in your device has the same speed standards (capability) to handle that speed. If you have a bigger network at home and you use switches, make sure your switches can handle 1Gbps on the Ethernet ports as well.

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