Kickr and trainer Install and support

Home PC also install Wahoo Kickr and other bike trainers on site.

  • Setup of Computer, Laptop, Tablet
  • Custom PC build from R3990(Stop the waiting loading time with our small form factor pc + SSD system)
  • Creating of Accounts on Zwift, Rouvy, and other 3rd parties (Free accounts under 16 years Zwift only)
  • Installation of TV or screen
  • Customize trainer interface (Wireless keyboard and mouse)
  • Bluetooth and ANT support
  • Sort out disconnection problems
  • Wifi service for devices and Internet optimizations
  • Cables and Accessories(HDMI, USB, ADP, and more)
  • Bike computer and Heart rate monitor connectivity*(Bluetooth and ANT dependant)

What is a Basic Bike Trainer?

A basic bike trainer is an indoor training accessory that turns your outdoor bike into an indoor stationary bike. The “basic” name is derived from the lack of built-in connectivity to indoor cycling apps. While these basic trainers are less tech-savvy than their smart counterparts, they can still be used with indoor cycling applications like Zwift and ROUVY.


If I Use a Basic Trainer in Zwift, What Can I Expect?

From basic to smart, Zwift is set up to support a wide range of bike trainers. The main differences between using a smart trainer and a basic trainer with Zwift are:

  • In-Game Resistance

Since basic trainers do not have built-in sensors nor controlled resistance units, your resistance will not exactly mirror the terrain in Zwift. Instead, you will notice a drop in your in-game speed when climbing, forcing you to work harder to get up the hills.

  • Power Readings

Based on your speed, Zwift will use its formula to assign you an estimated power output versus pulling power data from a smart trainer.

Zwift cycling app