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Wed, Jul 01, 2020

Gaming headsets are made by a number of companies these days with RGB in millions of colors, required USB ports, and desk-controlled settings. Wher...

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Intel's 10th-gen processors haven't been announced, but they are for sale.

Mon, Feb 17, 2020

Intel's 10th Generation CPU's haven't been announced yet, but Late december of 2019, Informatica Cero recieved slides detailing the entire 10th gen Line up, including all of their information confirming almost all of the online sightings!

The Mothership of the 10th gen line up will be their Decacore i9-10900K, with a Reported* 5.1 Ghz single core boost and a mere 5.3 Ghz single-core velocity boost.

Boasting a core count of 10 with a 1:2 ratio with threads (10c/20t) it's base Ghz is rated at 3.7 Ghz with all boost going up to 5.1 Ghz and a Hungry TDP of 125W!

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Keeping your Setup clean 101

Mon, Jan 27, 2020

Have you ever cracked open someone’s PC only to be horrified at the amount of dust and debris that’s taken up residence inside? It’s not a pretty sight. Worse yet, dust buildup can hamper performance. In extreme cases, those dust bunnies that sneak into a PC can even damage a system’s hardware.

A few small particles won't hurt, but left unattended will cause all your nice and Toasty components to Gunk up and restrict their precious airflow and make them Thermal throttle!

We here at HomePC like to say, the best Defense is a better offense, things like scheduled cleans, Dust filters and even Compressed can of Air can go a loonngg way. We tend to discourage smokers to smoke or vape near the precious Puter because the smoke makes a yuckie type of dirt inside the PC Chassis and even sometimes a bit sticky.

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Ezviz Cameras

better night vision at increased distances

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